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dispute between the city of san jose and the police union could be settled. the police officers association just announced the members voted to accept the agreement reached by negotiators last month. if a deal is approved on december 10th by the city council, police officers will get a 4% this raise this year and 3% over the next few years. >>> some san francisco giants' minor league players have been hurt in a car accident. tara moriarty has more. >> we know four people with the minor league organization were taken to the hospital this morning. three had cuts and scrapes. one person had more seer yours injuries -- steer jurs -- serious injuries. a transport van carrying 11 people pulled out of a driveway when it was struck by a kia sedan. the sedan hit the van in the side, spun, hit a tree. luckily, no life-threatening injuries. >> the want was loaded. there -- the van was loaded. there were 12 people in there. they were part of the giants organization and they were on their way to a training camp. >> the giants conducts training in scottsdale. the team trainer is headed to the
. >> and maybe some umbrellas. around mountain view over to fremont, union city, newark and maybe heading towards san jose and a little bit on the peninsula, not a lot but again it's rapidly developing. lows are held up. some of the cold air still way to the north. you can start to see the leading edge of that moving in. a lot of 50s with the cloud cover and breeze, gusts about 30 to 40 miles per hour. again, from san jose or parts of the peninsula south could see rapidly developing showers. the system will give us cloudy skies in the morning. here comes the coldest air. it will be arriving by tonight. we have lot of cloud cover here, everyone some light rain possible here, not a lot but a little bit. snow getting -- starting to show itself up in the sierra nevada. windy and colder. you can do all sorts of icons. cold air arrives tonight, mostly cloudy with showers in the morning, highs today in the 50s. here's sal. >>> good morning. we are looking pretty good so far. we're watching for the traffic to slow down. tuesdays tend to be kind of rough ones on the road. we're watching that for you. righ
rosa. 30 degrees menlo park. 32 foster city. 39 degrees los altos hills. we are looking at 30 degrees outside of your door saratoga. changes coming by the second half. do you see right here? this is a system that will be sinking south. this will bring us rain by tonight. snow to some of our local hills by tomorrow morning. in a nutshell we are freezing this morning. a mix of sun and clouds. i do see an increase in clouds coming our way as the system begins to approach. and by tonight the possibility of rain sliding into the bay area. perhaps heaviest in the overnight hours. again we are looking at snow for tomorrow morning. afternoon highs for today. upper 40s to low 50s. once again a lot like where we landed yesterday. ly have the timing on this rain and an advisory to talk about. good morning sal. >>> good morning, rosemary. traffic is doing well if you are driving around the bay area. the traffic is looking good at the bay bridge toll plaza. on the east shore freeway it is a nice drive so far from vallejo as you drive to the berkeley area. we will keep an eye on things and if thing
. another freeze warning issued. the codest citied and in the last -- cities and in the last few minutes a winter weather advisory posted for the bay area. >>> tara moriarty has been out in the cole weather all morning. she joins us live from walnut creek with the affect the low temperatures had on drivers. good afternoon, tara. >> reporter: well, good afternoon, yes. it's definitely thawed out since early this morning. it's 48 degrees. if you were anywhere near napa, they are 49. so we rose one degree. if you were anywhere near napa oh, my gosh, it was cold there. it dipped down in the teens. the plummeting temperatures packed a bit too much bike for little jelly bean so lane bought her a winter sweat he. >> i'm cold. i thought she would be, too. >> reporter: at a danville coffee shop customers tried to keep warm when the mercury dipped to 21 degrees. >> i put on five sweaters and was walking around my house. >> reporter: nearby sprinklers doused plants that turned into isaac kells overnight -- icicles overnight. >> i actually slid around on it. >> reporter: crews had to block off this
have access to the care he and she needs. >>> we want to show you live pictures of san francisco city hall it is lit up in commemoration of world aids day. you can see it all lit up in red. many landmarks are bathed in red. they include niagra falls, and the sidney opera house. >>> we are tracking the conditions for those heading home as the thanksgiving holiday weekend comes to a close. >>> holiday shopping version two hadn't zero. how -- version 2.0. how new technology is making the shopping experience feel more personal. >>> and the delivery of a drone. how it can come inches of a american. -- of a person. >>> happening now, people are heading home as the thanksgiving weekend travel rush wind down. we want to take you now and give you a live look at interstate 80 in berkeley where there are a lot of people on the roads at this late hour: but as you can see here on these pictures traffic seems to be moving just fine. more than 5 million californians were expected to travel this thanksgiving most by car. but for those who took to the air, their returns are looking pretty good. >> we
shooting of a young daly city man trying to sell a popular video game console. police have identified the suspect as 21-year-old ronny collins. he's accused of killing 22-year- old ekena waka. the two had met on a street corner to discuss the sale of a sony play station 4 the victim had advertised online. the victim's father said his son often made sales on the street. . >> he does that all the time. he does buy the electronics and sales and police have charged the suspect with murder and attempted robbery. investigators have not revealed a motive in the killing. >>> people living on treasure island will meet to hear details of a major cleanup effort that will force them from their homes. people in two dozen homes are being moved temporarily while the navy cleans up chemicals found in the soil. those residents will likely be moved to other housing on the island and will move out in phases starting in april. the navy says that despite the chemical cleanup, treasure island is a safe place to live. it could be as late as 2020 before all toxic waste is cleaned up from the island. >>> a fi
% increase from 20011. there was an 18% in the homeless population just in the city of san jose. one woman who used the shelter last night says it's been a struggle to find affordable housing. >> i'm on social security but, you know, i only make so much money and the thousand-dollar rents are staggering. i don't make that kind of money. i can only pay a little bit. i cannot afford to rent. i'm looking for a room where i can do some housework to make up for the extra point. but that's really challenging, too. >> reporter: a recent study lie the silicon valley housing trust reports that san jose is the fourth most expensive city in the country for renters. it showed that 109,000 households pay more than 30% of their gross income to rent. the national low-income housing association reports an hourly page of 30.96 is needed to rent a two-bedroom apartment in san jose. but in santa clara, the average hourly rage is $17.99 and minimum wage in san jose is $10 an hour. so there's quite a disparity there ill greating the need for -- illustrating the need for more aid fordable housing -- affordable
us how the program will have to deal with losses even before the city council has a chance to approve the deal. >> reporter: many people say they hope the new deal will stop officers from leaving the department. but as we found out, it has not stopped the bleeding. >> the san jose police union counted votes this morning and announced officers approved the proposal by a 79 to 21% margin. the raise totaling 10.66% over several years didn't matter to this officer, an 11 year veteran who kitted to to join another bay area department. >> the moral is absolutely low. it's obvious. you can't deny it. they are going to have to do a lot more than what they are planning to do with this new contract to fix that. >> the police officer's association says alford isn't the only one. >> we have six officers that are walking out the doored to, even after this contract was approved. they're following hundreds that came before them. this came absolutely much too late. >> for alford, the drop from 1400 to 900 now makes life too risky. >> the biggest problem with lack of number are also is getting assista
at the intrepid museum in new york city and a decommissioned naval destroyner boston. in new york, bryan llenas, fox news. >>> in alameda the u.s. coast guard honored pearl harbor survivors including this man, refired nave petty officer, who was serving aboard the u.s.s. utah. even after orders to abandon ship vaessen staid at his post and kept lighting burning as long as possible the he is holding a flashlight and wrench and says these two items along with knowledge of ship are what saved his life. >>> authorities this southern california are concerned about a public memorial for actor paul walker after the posh he porsche crashed. the sheriff's office says the event is not sanctioned by the county and there are worries that the crowds will get too big and traffic will clog streets. >> a couple who never knew paul walker now wants the world to know about his generous spirit. kyle and kristen upham say in 2004 that are were shopping for an engagement ring. walker happened to be in the store at the same time. actor apparently overheard kyle talking about leaving for iraq soon and he couldn't af
to continue. i didn't get it, and i wasn't going to do it. >> reverend called on them to love. the city has had flags at half staff. they will remember his life and legacy. visitors can sign a condolence book. >>> after returning from detainment, merrill newman said he was treated well. he was with his family yesterday after landing at sfo. he was in a hotel room and not in a jail. when questions about actions, he said that's not my english. he read a statement in sorrow for killing north koreans. >>> an adventure that saved their lives. >>> after the crash of asiana flight 214 and firefighters in charge. ilt fresh from the breap for just $2 each all december long. subway. eat fresh. customer appreciation month at subway. we're saying thanks with two of your favorite six inch subs. the six-inch cold cut combo, or the six-inch meatball marinara, built fresh from the bread up for just $2 each all december long. subway. eat fresh. >>> early today oakland police came out in force looking for a homicide suspect at west 36th street. officers had their guns drawn. they didn't find any suspects a
up at 238. as you continue to drive south, it gets a little bit better in union city and it slows in fremont. 7:03. back to the desk. >> thank you, sal. >>> the investigation continues into an early-morning fire at a san jose mobile home. it started shortly after 2:00 this morning near monterey road and firefighters still have not located the elderly man who lives in the unit. ktvu's katie utehs is live on the scene with the new information about this mobile park. good morning, katie. >> reporter: good morning, tori. i just got off the phone with san jose fire's public information officer. he says now that it is daylight, the plan to move forward, research this mobile home. as you can see, it's completely gutted. early this morning they got through 80% of the home. they still need to search through the kitchen. they hope that will give them more identification or contact info as they try to find the elderly man who lived here. they do not believe he was home at the time of the fire. let me show you some video and some pictures of the flames and smoke coming from the mobile home at
what we want, and telling the city what we want. >> reporter: that's what this vigil was all about. telling the city to spend the millions to redo the street. >> i feel so bad, but i wish you luck in the future, and we are standing by you. >> reporter: elijah's family was visiting the neighborhood when he was killed. they live in salinas. that's where his funeral will be held tomorrow. reporting live in san jose, debra villalon, ktvu, channel 2 news. >> more details now. san jose police tell us, 24 pedestrians have been killed this year on streets in san jose. that compares to just 12 pedestrian fatalities in all of last year. the number of pedestrian deaths this year, also makes up nearly 2/3 of the total number of 39 traffic fatalities in san jose. >>> we have new information tonight on the man who was hit and killed this morning on el camino royale in san mateo. officials say he was killed around 6:15 this morning on el camino royale. the two drivers involved in the accident are cooperating with authorities. police are investigating whether van dike had come from a nearby homele
of sending illegal mailers to discredit magna lay that when she ran for san jose city council in 2010. rematch will take place in the june primary. [ inaudible ] the illegal campaign mailers will sent to those of vietnamese community and made her look like a communist. >>> he is due to start speak at 8:15 this morning. ktvu will provide coverage. >>> also this morning california republicans are defending a website that criticizes the new health care law. >> democrats say taxpayer money should not have been used to create the site. it looks too much like the real website for the state's health care exchanges and could prevent users from signing up. the gop site has links to medial coverage detailing problems with the law. >>> two runners from kenya will participate in their first competition this sunday thanks to the kindness of a complete stranger. through a new organization he started through kenya. davis says he was inspired by the elite runners that come from a small town with no running water or electricity. they will be running in the california marathon this sunday. but first th
. the flees warning is out for everybody in san francisco. it's 39 along the embarcadero and 34 in the city for one location. the coldest in 15 years on the lows for san francisco. 21 napa, 21 santa rosa. 24 novato. 30s on the coast. 28 san jose. it looks like they won't get the record low unless it happened an hour ago and haven't reported it. upper 40s, low 50s. upper 40s. breezy to windy, especially in the east bay hills. if you have the breeze in the 30s, it's in the windchills or 30s. highs 40s and 50s. let's go to tori and dave. >>> happening now -- a freeze warning is in effect for all bay area counties except san francisco until 9:00 this morning. a couple of more hours. temperatures fell into the 20s once again overnight in the north bay. parts of the east bay and south bay. people struggling to stay warm. temperatures should start warming up slightly by midweek. now, the freezing temperatures are especially dangerous for the homeless. ktvu channel 2 reporter janine de la vega is live to let us know how shelters in the south bay are trying to help the homeless after at least four d
another blast like the san bruno disaster. city officials say the pipeline still needs further testing and upgrades. >>> time is 4:39. federal investigators will examine a new york commuter train to try to determine what caused it to derail killing four people and injuring more than 60 others. a locomotives pushing seven passenger cars around a curve yesterday morning when the whole train left the tracks. the force of the impact sent passengers flying. three of the four people who died were sent outside the train. >> our mission is to understand not just what happened but why it happened with the intent of preventing it from happening again. >> the speed limit on that curve where the train derailed is 30 miles an hour. investigators don't know how fast the train was going. >>> this morning we are learning more information about the sudden death of actor paul walker. since being killed in a firey car crash, fans have been keeping vigil at the site of the accident. 40-year-old walker was a passenger in a car when it was speeding. tmz is reporting the car steering may have malfunctioned.
and the warning from police. >>> we are live near redwood city where controversy is stirring over a medical clinic opening up in a neighborhood. >>> a man and his girlfriend attempted to sell a new play station four. now police are searching for a shooter after the transaction took a deadly turn. >>> plus concerns about violence in west contra costa county. the call for action after this violent fight was caught on video at a high school in hercules. ktvu channel 2 morning news continues. >>> good morning. here's a live look at the bank of america in vallejo. alex savidge is out there with more on what you need to know. it is monday, december 2nd i'm pam cook. >> and good morning, i'm dave clark. let's check weather and traffic. steve is not fooling, today will be nice. but tomorrow. >> i will give you a heads up. all the ladies out there by wednesday i will use a phrase i haven't used in a long time it will be crazy cold. crazy cold. so today is that between day. we have fog coming back in. some of that is really thick; right pam? >> yeah. >> yes very thick. system move into mendocino county and
the victim as 22-year-old ikenna wakka. he was visiting daly city forking this and had been studying economics in los angeles before he was killed. he and his girlfriend drove in their rental car in their suv to sell the newly-released playstation 4 to someone who answered an online ad. the couple was accost by the gunman, who demanded the video system and when he surrendered it, the 22-year-old was shot and killed. they ended up several blocks on bayshore boulevard near highway 101. the victim and his girlfriend, they had advertised the new ps4 on instagram, similar to this ad. they were hoping, like many sellers, to make a few hundred dollars profit on the gaming system, which goes for about $600. meeting strangers to make any deal holds inherent dangers, and police caution folks trying to buy or sell items via the internet to be careful. at 5:00, ktvu's ally rasmus has an interview with the victim's father. i'm tara moriarty, channel 2 news. >> thank you, tara. >>> police identified the man shot and killed in a drive-by shooting in oakland's fruitvale district. michael stinger wa
% increase in the city of san jose. those who used the bed last night were grateful for the shelter. >> i came here because i had four broke ribs and i just was hurting so bad that i couldn't stay on the streets any longer. i came here got a little bit better and take care of some things i need to take care of and it worked out. the place is a real good place right here, real good place. >> advocates say there's not enough affordable housing in santa clara county, a recent study reports that san jose is the fourth most expensive city in the country for renters. the report says cutbacks in federal funding and the loss of redevelopment agency money has taken a toll. there are a number of state bills under review in the legislature that could provide a permanent source for affordable housing including sb391 which could raise $720 million a year for affordable housing. reporting live from san jose, janine de la vega ktvu channel 2 news. >>> stay with us here, ktvu weather team for the very latest weather conditions as we head into our very important winter months. you can also follow steve pa
with pay even as more officers leave the force. >>> up first a bay area city considering tough new rules for e-cigarettes. why some say they're just as dangerous as the real thing. [woman] you wrapped the... [man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter] >>> tonight the city of richmond is considering expanding its cigarette ban to include electronic cigarettes. some say they're a safer alternative but derek valcourt tells us, it's becoming a habit. >> reporter: some say this makes it safer. >> nicotine however it's delivered is a very dangerous drug and we need to step up to the plate. >> we're trying very hard to being a healthy city. part of being a healthy city is sending the message that it's not okay. >> reporter: the cdc says last year nearly 2 million middle and high school students nationwide had tried e cigarettes. double the number in 2011. e-cigarettes contain in this -- contain nicotine which is no difference. >> the basic idea is regardless of how you get
. coming up, we'll talk more about this freeze warning. the coldest cities tomorrow, and as this system moves out, a wet system moves in, and there's a chance for snow on bay area peaks. >>> now to ktvu's ken wayne. he's been outside tonight. talking to folks who are out there trying to stay warm. >> reporter: we're all trying to stay warm out here, frank. we pulled up here a couple of hours ago. the sign said 33 degrees. bill just mentioned 27, but it just dropped within the last few seconds to 26 degrees here in downtown walnut creek. before the night's over, it's going to be a lot colder. winter and ice skating go together. but it doesn't usually feel like it there should be real ice on the ground in walnut creek. >> i can't believe this is tonight, of all nights. it was really nice until just last night. >> reporter: a private party from a jewish synagog took to the ice. many of the participants, russian immigrants who know something about harsh cold winters. this guy has some advice for californians. >> you guys should man up. it's is not even freezing yet. >> quit complaining? >>
. it will be on wednesday at 8:00 a.m. in the city hall rotunda. >>> san francisco police will be going undercover this weekend to make sure the football fans behave themselves at candlestick park. the 49ers are taking on the seattle seahawks in one of the most anticipated games of the season. our david stevenson live in san francisco where seahawks fans are planning to invade, david. >> reporter: that's right. seahawks plan for a big party here at pier 39 on saturday. some of them told us they're worried about the potential for violence at candlestick park on sunday. >> second and 7. >> reporter: for football fans, it may be the hottest game of the season. sunday's battle between the 49ers and the seattle seahawks even has australian out of towners gearing up for the west coast rivalry. >> home support should be a win. >> i basically have to say it's a hostile environment. >> reporter: seahawks supporters are speaking about their safety in the wake of previous brawls there. in 2012 season, 55 ejections, 14 felony arrests. >> i've been getting quite a few emails were day saying my son's going to t
. >>> declaring war on snuggling. why city leaders say it's a new magnet for crime. >>> a strong statement against ukrainian protesters in their ongoing demonstration. >>> and a man walks up to find that he is all alone and trapped in a dark airplane. what the airline is saying about what went wrong. >>> government protesters in ukraine cheered as they toppled a statute of vladimir ledin. the government today announced an investigation of opposition leaders for an alleged attempt to seize power. and warn demonstrators they could face charges. >>> here in america, locals spoke out about their support of the ukrainian protesters. one woman told ktvu she's especially concerned about the government's crack down on protesters in kia. >>> rowdy protesters that lit bomb fires could be in big trouble. thousands of people were celebrating michigan's upset against ohio state shortly after midnight. they took whatever they could find into the huge bomb fires and some everyone flipped cars. police say several arrests were made and are vowing to place charges. but they haven't disclosed details on the arrests
nelson also cancelled their shows. >>> declaring war on snuggling. why city leaders say it's a new magnet for crime. >>> a strong statement against ukrainian protesters in their ongoing demonstration. >>> and a man walks up to find that he is all alone and trapped in a dark airplane. what the airline is saying about what went wrong. >> in weather temperatures continue to cool off at this hour. and we'll also let you know when the freeze warnings will be coming to an end. [ female announcer ] for those who love sweets your season is here. let's just call it the baking time of year. you need special ingredients. you need the staples for homemade. you need safeway sugar for just a buck eighty-eight. and that magic thing that makes everyone want another only two ninety-nine for challenge butter. and when hands get messy, quite surely they'll say, yum! wow! yay! what a sweeter holiday. safeway. ingredients for life. >>> government protesters in ukraine cheered as they toppled a statute of vladimir ledin. the government today announced an investigation of opposition leaders for an alleged attem
gun that lopez was wearing is not real. they plan to meet at city hall and they will march to the sheriff's office and they claim it is a slap in the face. police in vallejo is searching for a shooter that seriously wounded a man near an elementary school. and it ended on would be avenue and he was found in a street by a woman who was driving home from church. he was suffering from non-life threatening injuries but they did see them arguing just before the shooting. >>> some people are concerned about the rods that support the bay bridge. it appears to be vulnerable but experts also say drivers who are using the bridge should not be afraid of it coming down and they say that the current issues only pose long-term risks and the senate state and housing committees are conducting hearings on the construction involving the span. >>> information will be the focus of a community meeting after complaints this summer about a start-up company flying planes out of the airport. the noise can be heard throughout the area and the community meeting will start at 6:00 tonight at the park
for a suspect in a deadly overnight shooting. police say a man was shot outside around 10:00. it was the city of oakland's 84th homicide of the year and police are asking witnesses to come forward. >>> we have new information now about the man who was hit and killed by a car friday night near the dunn bar ton bridge. police say he was walking on the east bay side of the bridge when he was hit by a westbound car. investigators say alcohol was not a factor for the driver. it still isn't clear why he was walking along the bridge. >>> time is 5:07. the a-gender teenager that was set on fire along an oakland bus may be back in school as early as today. sasha fleischman came home on tuesday after spending 24 days in a burn unit. the teenager was attacked three weeks ago when sleeping on an ac transit bus when the skirt sasha was wearing was set on fire. the boy that admitted to setting sasha on fire is still in jail. >>> meanwhile this youtube video led to calls for a public meeting. the transgender student reported being bullied before this fight. bullying and violence won't be accepted and tonigh
of holiday. >>> tonight the city of richmond is considering expanding its cigarette ban to include electronic cigarettes. some say they're a safer alternative but derek valcourt tells us, it's becoming a habit. >> reporter: some say this makes it safer. >> nicotine however it's delivered is a very dangerous drug and we need to step up to the plate. >> we're trying very hard to being a healthy city. part of being a healthy city is sending the message that it's not okay. >> reporter: the cdc says last year nearly 2 million middle and high school students nationwide had tried e cigarettes. double the number in 2011. e-cigarettes contain in this -- contain nicotine which is no difference. >> the basic idea is regardless of how you get the nicotine drug, that there should be restrictions on. >> reporter: advocates say e- cigarettes are a safer alternative because it gives you the nicotine without burning tobacco. the fda has yet to determine how much nicotine or other potential harmful chemicals are being inhaled and whether e- cigarettes are okay. >> i would not be surprised to find out of gettin
with the chp. no reports of black ice so far. san francisco is the only city spared from the freeze warning. there's a chance of showers late friday. we could see snow at the higher elevations. people seem excited about about that. they say there's not been a dusting for four, five years. tara moriarty, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> the freezing temperatures forcing two of the major bay area airports to take immediately action. this is mineta. a spokesman said they de-iced the first of several planes that took off about 6:350 this morning. they are -- 6:30 this morning. they are not sure how long this will continue. but there are no flight delays right now. oakland says two southwest airlines planes were de-iced this morning. we're waiting to get info back from sfo. we'll pass that onto you. >>> the freeze warning is not keeping people from doing their holiday shopping. shoppers were bundled up on bay street in emeryville. some of the people we talked to say they love the winter weather. >> i think it's great. i think it feels refreshing. >> now, business has listen brisk at christmas tree lots
: that's the advice from texas. schools are closed in dallas and other cities and the list of cancellations at the airport is glowing. emergency officials in oklahoma say most of the roads are slick. >> go slowly, watch out for the person in front of you. make sure you are ready for the road conditions. >> reporter: the state has activated an emergency operations center to help people affected by the bad weather. at least three dozen people have been injured. in arkansas, the roads are blamed for a seven-car pileup. no one was seriously injured. on thursday, the stores were filled with people stocking up before the storm. >> milk, bread, potatoes. something quick for a hot meal. >> reporter: a man in arkansas was killed when a tree fell down on his camper. here in the dallas area, there are nearly 200,000 people already without power. the number is expected to rise. tori, back to you. >> thank you. and check regularly for weather updates at including alerts and warnings. there are also forecasts for your neighborhood and we'll post information on your facebook and
crews roaming the city of benicia. this is being confirmed as three separate outages. that number has grown. earlier it was at 1600 and then went to 3700 and now at 4100. it looks like by 6:45 so in a little bit there should be 1500 people without power. let me show you what is happening out here. this is usually a very busy place right around now with people looking to get coffee. this is starbucks. ons door they have a sign letting everyone know they called pg&e. but with the power being down they can't open the store because they cannot make coffee. look through the doors you can see one of the employees hanging out. waiting for some of the power to come back on. at this point i don't know if this star bucks will be among the first to get back online. we did talk to pg&e this morning about what possibly is causing the problems. >> reporter: at this point we are investigating the cause but it appears as if the cause is related to a damaged under ground cable. >> reporter: so at this point we wait. it is very cold out here. a lot of people really have come out here and got out of the
. >> reporter: good morning, brian. this is a pretty significant power outage for the city of benicia. you have 3700 people without power. almost 14% of the folks here. this is the shopping center. very, very dark. in the background it looks like there may be emergency generators on at the super market. this is the starbucks normally open right now. about 4:30 is when they are supposed to open their doors. you can see the sign on the door pg&e has been contacted. we have seen an employee in there loading up. getting things ready for when the power comes back on. we did talk to one man down here trying to open up a laundry mat and was hoping to get coffee. he said his whole morning depends on how fast pg&e works. >> it will be the same. >> reporter: no coffee. >> no coffee. >> reporter: are you going to open up the laundry mat? >> it usually opens up at 6:00 but i open at 4:30 people come down because they know me. >> reporter: nothing is working in there. >> nothing. zero. >> reporter: so you just open the doors any way? >> yes. >> reporter: and just wait. >> yeah. >> reporter: so your whole m
% travel by bus, train, or other mode of transportation. >>> developing news out of new york city, where at least four people are dead, and more than 60 others injured after a passenger train derailed in the bronx. officials say the metro north commuter train jumped the tracks as it was rounding a curve about 100 yards from a train station. the national transportation safety board is investigating the derailment. they hope to find vital clues on the trains event recorder. which was found this afternoon. more on how first responders, managed to pull people from the wreckage. >> seeing those trains, as large as they are on their side. and the people that were in that. what they must have been going through. >> reporter: on a bend, where the hudson, and harlem rivers meet. new york city police say three of the dead were found outside, and were thrown from the train. >> the cars are close to the water. concerns that someone may have been ejected into the water. we use our divers. we have drivers in the water, we have helicopters who obviously checked out the shore line. >> reporter: the sout
police police officer -- san jose police officers may finally have that deal with the city. ed to they voted to accept the tentative agreement reached with negotiators last month. if approved on december 10th, police officers will get a 4% raise in says -- in san jose in four years. at 6:00, hear from one officer who says it is not about the money. his insight and frustration tonight at 6:00. >>> frustrations also coming from bart riders. at issue, whether or not bart negotiated in good faith. ktvu's tom bake live from the west oakland bart station with more on a lawsuit that could actually end up changing the law. >> reporter: here is the next chapter in all of this. what negotiators could not settle in nine months may well be settled by a judge. but who knows when. >> next up for this union train operator, alameda superior court. the union says bart's board was obligated to either accept or reverdict the total final negotiated contract, not just eliminate the paid family leave clause. >> cannot refuse to ratify a total package agreement without good cause. >> bart negotiated
in which he's accused of sending illegal mailers to discredit a candidate when she ran for city council in 2010. >>> a new report shows low enrollment at the city college of san francisco. according to the examiner, full- time enrollment for the spring semester is down 26% from last year. a spokesperson said the lack of a printed schedule is the major factor but there's also uncertainty over decisions to pull the college's accreditation next year. students say shutting it down would be a huge blow. >> many lower income and disenfranchised people wouldn't have an education. they give second chances even to people like me. i'm an ex-felon. they have programs set up. >> the commission in charge of junior college is voted to termy nat the accreditation because it was not in compliance with standards. the commission is facing lawsuit claiming the decision was bias. >>> six months from now, i will be saying oh, my gosh, it's hot out there. today it's cold. tonight will be colder. chilly, chilly temperatures. upper 40ss very low 50s. the warmest temperature is sfo at 51. you get out to fairfie
was not real. protesters will meet this afternoon at santa rosa city hall and marched to the sheriff's office and it is a slap in the face that gail house is going back to work. they are expected to work and renew on plastic guns that can evade metal detectors. it is set to expire at midnight and plastic guns will be a special 3d printer. he voted to extend last week. >>> and parts of south africa he voted to attend the service. on board air force one by george w. bush, secretary of state jimmy clinton they will also attend the memorial but they are traveling separately. >> they will continue to gather in johannesburg and this is video from this morning. you can see the crowds of people bringing flowers and tomorrow a public memorial service will be held at a stadium that seats 9 5,000 people and they will keep his body in a remote village where he grew up. >>> yesterday in south africa they called for a day of rememberance. he asked many to pay respects to many who considered him the father of their country. here in the bay area he was honored at glide memorial search. he talked about the tr
. traction.heir little hoes the kind folks of albert lee lake reached out to med city hover craft to come to the rescue and the little stranded deer are completely exhausted and i think they realize the hover craft are there for a very good purpose. so the guys from med city hover craft, including james kinson, who is the owner of med city who have er craft spring into action using rope, they trope, they ti the hind end of the deer. >> i've never seen a more perfect use of the hover craft. >> we have the owner of the hover craft. when you got the call, did you spring right into action and know exactly what to do? >> it's the first deer rescue we've ever been involved in. i heard you talk about how a hover craft was designed for this. that's the wung thione thing, t craft gave us the ability to get out there. >> what happened to the deer once it got to shore? >> one deer, it stood right up and ran right off. >> yeah! >> look at him go! >> the other two looked like they had been out there for probably a couple days. so it took them just a little bit longer to gather themselves. so all three
francisco will hold its own memorial for mandela wednesday at 8:00 a.m. it will be in the city hall rotunda. former mayor willie brown has been asked to organize the service. . >>> let's head over to rosemary orozco. we have the oakland holiday children's parade today. hoping for some good weather for that. >> it will be dry. bring the winter coat. you will need it again. behind this system cold air spilling into the bay area, could be breezy for some of us into the afternoon. it will be a chilly one. we'll struggle in the upper 40s the sun is shining it's makes its way up. another, i don't know, minute or two until the fish sunrise. we might be right up on it. we're clearing out this morning. let's look at some of the rainfall totals over the last 24 hours. .47 in napa. .4 in santa rosa. almost .3 for oakland, san francisco picking up almost .4. san jose picking up .13. we have seen snowfall in areas right around the santa cruz mountains, right over the summit, mount st. helena has reported a little snow. northern areas of napa county reported some snow yesterday. a few sprinkles that ma
years. they are calling for more traffic enforcement and speed reduction devices in the city. >>> new information on the new york computer train detrailers. investigators determined the train was supposed to be going 30 miles per hour, instead it was going 80 meteor 80 -- miles per hour. 150 passengers were on the train, four were killed and 60 injured. the latest on the investigation, the victims and survivors who say they heard screeching metal. >> reporter: among the four fatalities donna smith. >> she was kind. neighborly. friendly. >> reporter: magnesium those killed 67 were in-- in addition to those killed 67 were injured. >> i realized this is happening. >> reporter: investigators and survivors have the same question, why? >> something went wrong. >> reporter: after 7:00 a.m. sunday it dime this curve -- it came to this curve, it derailed. the ntsb revealed new details monday from event recorders. >> the train was traveling 82 miles per hour as it went into 30 miles per hour curve. >> the curve calls for a reduction in speed to 30. the conductor said he applied the brakes but
york city, chicago, and even detroit. the frosty temperatures can pose a danger to crops and cause pipes to burst. >> a few years back we had it for ten days and it wreaked havoc. >> the cold temperatures pose a danger to the homeless. all 80 beds at the redwood gospel were taken over night and many people slept on mattresses on the floor. if you are heading to the sierra, be sure to carry change. a storm that could bring a foot of snow. chains are not required on interstate 80. several ski resorts are open and have about a half foot of new snow. sugar bowl ski resort could open. >>> an arraignment is scheduled for a san francisco man suspected of killing a person over a video game system. 21-year-old suspect ronnie collins is accused of shooting kennal walker. the victim had posted an online ad selling a play station four consul for $600. the victim attended santa monica college and was home for the thanksgiving holiday. >>> the defendant in the lax shooting is due in court today. the first hearing will be at a san bernardino county jail where he is being held in federal custody.
. the new challenge san francisco city college faces. >>> also a relative of president obama has his day until court. a judge decides if he must be deported or if he can stay in this country. we'll have the details. >>> good morning. we're looking at the roads and finally we are getting to see slow traffic on 880 and also some other spots where the traffic is slowing down. >>> old man winter is really in the middle of the country but there is a hint of him here. it is definitely cold for some but what about how cold it will get later in the week. [woman] you wrapped the... [man] it's nothing but tape... [woman] it's a block. we're havin' a baby! [laughter in background] [woman screams] are we havin' a baby? [ambient crying and laughter] >>> time now 6:13. police in hayward say a 16-year- old boy that was shot and killed last month in a hayward park died trying to help a girl. police say christopher stepped in to defend a teenage girl that was being threatened by two suspected gang members. both of those suspects are now charged with murder. he was the father of a six- month-old son who's
and cooperating with police. >>> city college of san francisco seen a drop in enrollment for the spring semester. enrollment is down 26% or 2,000 students compared to last year. officials say there are three reasons. uncertainty over the accreditation. a requirement students pay before enrolling and the lack of a printed class schedule. >> seeing fewer people here during the day. although it is still difficult to get classes. >> the city of san francisco and the teachers union have filed lawsuits against the committee that accredits community colleges. >>> citrus farmers are fighting frost during the cold snap. farmers are spraying water and using wind machines to circulate air. farmers say every little bit helps. >> for mandarins, tangerines, it could cause damage. for oranges it has to get cold, 28 or colder for damage to show up. >> it will take a few days ofigure out if there are losses -- to figure out if there are losses. >>> 26 degrees in san jose, now maybe snow? >> yeah. the cold air is in place and that will promote snow on some peaks. i will get to that. these were the highs today. th
-- demonstration in their movement. one reason they wanted to protest here is because community groups got the city toraise its minimum wage to $10 -- to raise its minimum wage to $10. protesters say it was a break through but didn't solve problems. >> rents are high. the food costs is high. medical costs. >> reporter: one worker started at minimum wage 5 years ago and still makes below $15 an hour. >> if you have kids that is not enough. >> reporter: there were other protests today. mcdonalds said mcdonalds offers worker advancement, competitive pay and benefits and e. -- the national restaurant association said doubling the minimum wage ignores the economics of running a restaurant and would make it impossible for restaurants continue their role as major job creator. protesters say the fast food is just the first target. >> fast food workers struggling. grocery workers who are struggling. >> reporter: california will raise minimum wage to $9 by next year. robert handa, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> we have breaking news now from contra costa county. people are told to stay indoors because of a gas lea
in venetia, a power outage remains for one partth city and pg&e crews are working to fix the problem, a problem that was much bigger hours ago. claudine wong reports on how some businesses even lost money today. >> reporter: instead of a hot cup of joe this morning regular starbuck's customers were met with this, a dark store and a sign from the manager saying no power means no coffee. >> we don't know that the power is shut down, so. >> no coffee. >> no. >> across the way inside his truck sat the owner of the huckleberry's restaurant, he got word when he woke up the power was out and was just hoping the problem would be fixed soon. >> frustrated. >> a tad. i keep my composure pretty well. >> until -- >> until the window -- >> for how long? how much longer? should we come back and check on you at 7:00 and 8:00. >> if you come back and i am still here in the truck at 8:00 i am not going to be happy. >> well, guess what? 8:00 came and went. >> it will be a while gentlemen. >> they went elsewhere. >> will you come back tomorrow? >> absolutely. >> the outage began at 3:00 a.m. and at its
, all current city council members supported reid's pension reform measure. >>> it is now 6:40, many passwords were hacked and what is the thing most people made. >>> a teen is being remembered. >>> traffic on the east shore freeway. record lows are many, mountain view,. uma is am looking like very low -- what is looking like very low snow levels early saturday morning, we will have more on your forecast coming up. [ male announcer ] this is a leather-wrapped steering wheel. this is a heated leather seat. this is a secret storage space. this is another. this is 8.4 inches of go-anywhere. this is 20 inches of water-fording talent. this is armor. this is 31 miles per gallon, highway. this is the freedom to keep chasing all the horizons you want. introducing the all-new jeep cherokee. ♪ . >>> welcome back, grieve counselors will be there for students after a sudden unexpected death of a student after being hit by a car. we will have more on the high number of pedestrian deaths janine? >> reporter: we are here at the corner of vista park drive and you can see there has been a make-shif
the rest of the city and a place where there hasn't been a tremendous amount of economic opportunity. a lot of families living in poverty. >> reporter: it's run by the nonprofit agency. they had wanted to open a preschool in the bay area for a long time but it hasn't been easy. >> it's hard to find space and expensive to run. we are committed to expanding services. >> reporter: according to the children's council, 458 children in the bay view are on the waiting list for subsidized child care, one of the longest waiting lists in any neighborhood in san francisco. this mother told us she's had trouble finding a preschool for her 2-year-old. >> i look around but only find one place. >> did you get in? >> it's hard, too, you know. you still have to wait. >> reporter: this preschool, a child must be from a low income family with a parent working or in school. tuition is free. the school plans to add 8 more slots next week, bringing the enrollment to 24 children. everyone agrees that's not enough for the bay view, but it's a start. in san francisco, rob roth, ktvu channel 2 news. >>> more details
to fix oakland's public safety radio system could cost the city tens of millions of dollars. a city commission recommends oakland replace all 2,700 police radios as soon as possible. and that could cost between 15 and $20 million. oakland officials have been working for months to repair the system. many describe as unreliable. a malfunction even happened during president obama's visit to oakland last year. >>> the latest numbers released today show the job situation in this country is showing signs of steady improvement. november's unemployment rate dropped to 7% from 7.3%. that is its lowest level in five years. and the labor department reported employers added 207,000 workers last month. hiring was across a broad sector as well. that jobs report triggered an increase after days of decline. the nasdaq added 29. >>> gunned down and killed in front of his front door. the trouble police believe this man interrupted right before he was shot. >> we told you about a system bringing rain and snow. find out how long a subaru... ...are the hands that do good things for the whole community:
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